Monday, September 30, 2013

SHOUTOUT: If a problem can be solved, there is nothing to worry about... If it can't be solved, then worrying is useless...

Seriously, I'm super determined to start blogging all over again. My thoughts and feelings were all over the place and I guessed writing a blog will help to vent it all out. 2013- The final year to my last leg of twenties and it's now already end of September, time is definitely moving fast and I'm soon gonna hit the BIG,FAT THREE!!! It's a very complicated and tiring year for me. I've visited new places, met new people, gotten myself into trouble with politics, got lost in life, lose hope and faith, regained trust and confidence and tasted poverty. It's like I've been through the scariest roller coaster ride ever, challenging yet memorable. Every ride in life is worth remembering for, it tends to inspire you to think differently each time you finish a ride. Everyone's life is just like a roller coaster ride. We all have our ups and downs. no matter what happens, life goes on eventually. I just hope that the remaining quarter of 2013 would be a good and memorable one with all my issues in all aspects solved.

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