Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Unforgettable Wedding Affair... 18th October 2013

18th October 2013 was a memorable day for my bestie Chinyee and her husband Den. It's one of the coolest wedding ever that I have attended. It was held at The Coastal Settlement, a westernized fusion restaurant and I was the emcee for the night. The ambiance of the place was decorated in a cosy and vintage manner and there were vintage Vespas being displayed all over the place. I was a little nervous as it was my first time being an emcee for a wedding and I was afraid of stuttering. At 4 in the afternoon all the bridesmaids, planner and helpers all started making their way down to the venue to help out for the rehearsal to ensure everything would be done smoothly and the party could start on time. I Love everything about the wedding, from the cute little wedding favors to the vintage Ang Pao box to the Polaroid snapshot moments to the interior decor of the whole place and not forgetting the delicious food and the lovely wedding music surrounding the whole place contributed from the live band of the night by GC Live's Feng & Erick, this wedding is just very different from the traditional wedding banquet and I believed all the guests totally had a blast for the night. Here are some snapshots from the wedding last night...
Me & Medina 's Look For E Big Party
E Beautiful Area To Leave Your Footprints At This Wedding
Lovely Little Gifts Of Appreciation For Attendance 

E Vintage Letterbox For Guests To Post Their Gifts Of Token For E Newly-Wed
E Handsome Bridegroom & E Gorgerous Bride
E Magic Finger---> Makeup Artist Jeffrey Linus Lee
All E Gorgerous Guests Of E Night
E Most Sexy Guest Award... Look @ How Helpless E Groom Is?! LOL
E Beautiful Couple On Their Vespa Ride
Not To Forget A Snapshot With E Cute Keyboardist On E Gorgerous Vintage Vespa
Batchie Love

The Latecomer... LOL

From the pictures, you can roughly tell we had a good time last night! Indeed it was a lovely evening but a pity no one got wasted last night, everyone managed to walk out of the restaurant in a straight line. Boo! No matter what this wedding certainly has played a big part in one of the chapters of my life containing the most beautiful memories ever. I wish them eternal love and a blissful marriage... Hugs Bestie...

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