Thursday, October 3, 2013

(M)issing (I)n (A)ction

Recently while I was surfing the net, I happened to stomp upon reports of missing people over these few years. Some were certified dead after a few years whereas some were never found. It's very sad to be reading all these articles but at the same time felt curious on those whose bodies were never found. Are they dead or just went into hiding. If they are hiding still, how and why did they do that? 
Life is getting more and more stressful nowadays and that does not only concerned monetary issues, but family, educational and love issues as well. Frankly speaking standard of living is getting higher everywhere especially in Singapore, the bills are increasing but not our salaries, what we earn is barely enough to cover our daily expenses. The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer. On top of all these, we still need to face the risk of retrenchment, politics and layoff issues. No wonder I have started to detect spots of grey hairs on the reflection of my mirror. 
Sometimes I do have a strong urge to perform the disappearing act but I just can't leave my beloved parents behind. They are old and their health is deteriorating as the year goes by. They relied very much on me for their daily life and I feel that it is always a child's responsibility to take care of their parents. When you were a baby, they did not abandoned you no matter how stressed up they were so all the more we don't have a reason to leave them behind when they are old. I love my parents and I want them to live happily ever after till they pass on, it's the least I can do for them.
My life is dramatic and stressful, there are so many things and emotions I need to handle everyday. Frankly speaking it's pretty tiring for me that's why travelling became a way for me to get away from my actual life for a while and just be myself. It's my way of relieving one's stress as well. I have tons of friends but when I wanted to find someone to talk to, I could not think of anyone. Everybody has their own life, tied up with their own problems and difficulties and even if they are willing to listen, it doesn't mean that they are really interested and will digest every single word you say. Many times you may realized after you plucked up your greatest courage to share all your stories, you might not necessary get a solution to all your problems as well. Some might not even be listening at the end of the day. So best is to keep quiet. Chin up And Deal With It!!! Sad To Say But This Is Life, No Matter How Sad You Are, Sometimes You Still Have To Put Up A Smile In Front Of Everyone And Get On With Your Life!!!

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